Decide. Design. Develop. Deliver.

Adulated Designs is a website where I, David De Los Santos, can showcase all of my work and experiments. I’ve been doing web development and design for a over 7 years and though my primary skills are in development, I still manage to keep my hand on the design factor as well, as both are equally as important to me when working with digital media. When working on my projects I have four rules that I like to go by. Decide on the task at hand, Design the image you wish to convey to the world, Develop the idea and bring your design and to life and Deliver your masterpiece to the world. These simple four steps help me create cutting edge websites and applications for all of my clients.

Services for...

HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, Consulting, Design, SEO, Joomla, CommonSpot, WordPress, Coldfusion, ASP, E-Commerce.